Trivia game in Blazor

A few weeks ago I created a silly game about cheese: It’s a simple quiz game written in Vue js and I had a lot of fun making it. I want to write another, but for a challenge, I will use Blazor. The premise for the game is simple: What’s bigger? In each round,… Continue reading Trivia game in Blazor

C# – Twitter Api Post Tweet OAuth 1.0a

In my recent side project, I collected and calculated stats related to fantasy premier league: These stats are calculated automatically on a weekly basis and I thought it would be a good idea to also post them on Twitter. Twitter allows creating new tweets through their API entirely for free. All you need to… Continue reading C# – Twitter Api Post Tweet OAuth 1.0a

How to store data in Azure

Cloud providers have grown huge. They have developed a massive list of services that can be really confusing. Most of the services are made for enterprise companies to entice them onto the cloud. Most of us will never need any of them. We only really need the core Azure services to make our application work.… Continue reading How to store data in Azure

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