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View Google Search Console data in months

23 February 2023


It’s nice to see your blog recognized by Google but checking the number of clicks becomes addictive. It’s important to remember that SEO is a very long game. Checking every day is really disheartening because the data fluctuates a lot on a daily basis. It’s important to zoom out and take a look at the larger trends.

We want to look at clicks and impressions on monthly intervals instead of daily but the Google Search Console doesn’t do this. Fortunately, it let’s you export the data.

Export to Google Sheets

The search console is integrated nicely with another Google product: Google Sheets. We can export the data there and summarize it into months.

From the console overview navigate to the performance tab:

Navigating to the performance page

Set the date range for your data and export it to Google Sheets:

Exporting the data to view Google search console data in months

Now we have the data in Google sheets we can summarize it into months.

Google Sheets pivot table

The impressions and clicks by date get put into a tab called ‘Dates’ in the Google sheet.

Navigate to the tab, select all of the data and insert a new pivot table through the ‘Insert’ menu option:

Adding a pivot table opens the Pivot table editor which is where we can define our table.

Add the Date data to the table rows and the Impressions data to the Values:

Finally, we can group the data by date by right-clicking the date column and selecting “Create pivot date group”:

And that should be it. Data is now be grouped into whatever increment you like.